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November 25, 2009



My prediction:

- Group A socks will perform well for the first dozen or so wearings and washings. Then the color will begin to fade and stretchiness will be not so much.

- Group B socks are a blank. No idea. Can't even begin to guess.

- Group C. Yes, I love SmartWool, but I'm not familiar with this particular product. My SmartWool socks keep my feet warm to toes in horrible weather. As all socks do, they leave major indentations on my legs.

- Group D. As all things pseudo-European (dollars to donuts they were made in China no matter what the label says), they will give the pride of flashiness for awhile but I expect durability will not be their strong point.

I still expect my SmartWool socks to rule.


Becs - the Pantherella socks are the result of some preliminary investigation that named Pantherlla as the best socks. $13 is a deal. I suspect those are the knock-offs.


I can only speak of the smartwool socks...I have two pair and I adore them. Mine are quite lively with stripes of many colors. I did, however, discover that the pair I've been wearing quite a lot for a bit over a year has a hole in the heel. So sad...this won't keep me from wearing them at home, or places where I won't be expected to remove my shoes, however. I've been considering a pair of KEEN socks, since I'm a big fan of their shoes. I don't know if I can be bothered with the whole Right foot, left foot thing, though. It's enough work with shoes...


Kristie- I searched the KEEN site but I couldnt find the section titled FAQ: WTF - why do we need left and right socks?

Hot Mom

I bought my grocery store socks on clearance. I love them. They're better than any other sock I have in the house.


Hot Mom - I'm keeping an open mind, it could be the grocery socks win.


Right. I love you.


Magpie - you won't after I photograph the inside-out dirty grocery store socks I took off today.

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