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November 05, 2009



My God!


You are so right! Even "fast forward through the commercials and spare no mercy for any bit of actual programming that might sully itself by being adjacent to a commercial" Joe stops mid-commercial break to watch these ads. They are complete awesome.

But, I like the DH. How about simply death to interleague play as a compromise?


The fact that it was the Yankees ruined it for me. So I didn't watch any. Glad it's over.


Hattie - Harsh words for the DH, I know. But it's like the league says to the pitcher, "You are bad at hitting. And running. So instead of living with this handicap we will make a rule that gets around it." Whores was too harsh. Let's say "Nannies."
Sarah - (hi, world traveler!) Okay, no series or All-star game. It sounds like my plan to have a Steroid league and a non-steroid league. Good idea.
.75 - Damn Yankees.


I hate the American League. And I hate the Yankees.


Designated hitters take the strategy out of pitching changes. AL is a bunch of weenies. And Yankees are the weeniest weenies of them all.


Thank you for the entertaining advertisement. The rest of the post was in some sort of foreign language.


Magpie AND Caroline - So, does everyone hate the Yankees because they bought their team? Is that the issue? Or is there a valid reason to hate them, like the Cards and the Cubs?
Big Dot - Picture if a soccer ("foooot-baaalll") player is great at running but crap at kicking. He's the worst on the team. So the team makes a rule that he doesn't have to kick because he is such crap at it. So before he kicks they replace him with a better kicker, then after the kick the bad player goes back in again. And this is a rule. And it is allowed. Pah!(Spits on floor again.)


That's the big reason. There are also the celebrity endorsements. They're as offputting for sports teams as they are for political candidates. And the entitlement. Oh, the entitlement.


C- did you see SNL weekend update lastnight? I thought of you .


Yes, and I thought of you.


Hey, while we're on the subject of ridiculous baseball stories, have you seen a picture of Sammy Sosa lately? Truly scary.


Caroline - Now I have. Do you mean the lighter skin? http://wcco.com/watercooler/sammy.sosa.lighter.2.1301840.html
Funny, I just talked to an Indian woman today and she said her dark skin absorbed the heat and made it so she had to stay in the shade.

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