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November 02, 2009



I would just like to point out to certain people who shall remain nameless that nowhere in your definition of tuna casserole does it include cottage cheese. Who on earth decided fish and curdled milk go together? Quite frankly, they're gross enough on their own, but together they make one of the most disgusting meals ever.

End rant.

The casserole above looks delicious.


Can I have that recipe for real???

Did you see my taco casserole?? IT ROCKED!


I'm not sure if it's the 'ultimate' casserole, but I'm for sure making it tonight. It sounds easy (my main requirement) and good.


I was making a note of the ingredients (sounds like a good one-person winter meal), titled it "The Queen's Chicken Casserole", but I hit Ctrl instead of Shift on the last two words, and got "The Queen's hicken asserole".

I liked it. I left it that way.


LOL @ Silk!

Shredded rotisserie chicken, top with a bag of mixed veggies, top with cream of chicken soup thinned with chicken broth. Mix bisquick with milk and an egg or two, pour on the top.

Bake at 350 until brown and bubbly.

Chicken pot pie!


My tuna casserole has (already "cooked")Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese in it instead of egg noodles, but the rest is the same, especially the Campbell's cream of mushroom soup part. I just like the extra cheesiness. I think that might be dinner.


It must be casserole day...I have the classic (well, almost, farfalle instead of egg noodles) in the oven as I type. That Chicken with Crumbs looks mighty tasty.


While that does look quite tasty, it's not the ultimate casserole. That title goes to Picnic Potatoes, aka heart-attack-inna-bowl. See here: http://curmudgeonette.blogspot.com/2008/07/jammiesfest-cookbook.html and scroll down for the recipe. To make it a main dish, I just cube some ham and toss it over the top of the casserole before putting on the parmesan and baking.


Caroline - Gross, but on a related item I just heard of a recipe for lasagna that got around the noodle / ricotta challenge by using cheese ravioli as the noodles.
.75 - You can play with this:
8 boneless skinless chicken breasts
8 slices Swiss cheese
2 cans cream of chicken soup
Small blue bag Pepperidge Farm herb dressing
1/2c. butter or margarine, melted
Layer in order in 9 X 13 greased dish. Drizzle with butter and bake at 350 degrees.
Shania (et al.) - it sounds like you didn't already know about this recipe! I really thought everyone would know this as well as the tuna recipe.
~Silk - Serendipity
Surprising Woman - Pot Pie without Peas? Fabulous.
Tami - I don't know if I can wrap my head around mac and cheese with tuna, but that might be because we always added the small box of Velveeta to our M&C. Those tastes would not match.
Kristie - now you all are making me want tuna casserole. Only I want it with Brocolli and Cheese soup - I am always a little bothered by the tiny mushrooms combined with the tuna - I always felt the mushrooms might be tiny fish eyes.
Jammies - Oh! I thought at first it sounded a little like that weird cereal and pork chop recipe that went around for a while, but no, yours sounds better.


Having swum with tuna I can say with authority that tuna eyes are BIG and could never be confused with tiny mushrooms. Button mushrooms, yes. Also, their teeth are sharp and their aim is not good when snatching pilchards from fingers. One day, you might need to know that.


All - The Big Dot translation service says "sardines."


What is the noodle/ricotta issue? I make issue-free lasagna.


Cereal and pork chop recipe? Hmpf. I'd have thought that you would have thought better of me. Hmpf!


Caroline - I don't know first-hand since I've never made lasagna, Put I understand that it is difficult to spread the riccotta over the bottom layer of noodles without tearing or pushing them askew.
Jammies - has anyone ever even had the cereal and porkchop recipe? I never have.


The hands-down winner casserole chez nous is four-cheese and vegetable terrine. It sounds fancy, and it looks and tastes a liiiiiittle bit fancy, but it's made with leftovers from a favorite dinner tarted up with scrids and scrads of fridge staples.

It takes:
- a leftover batch of penne with mushrooms and chard, which is a favorite dinner for us
- a cream sauce with sherry and garlic
- any leftover vegetables I have on hand, which usually turns out to be blanched broccoli
- a sprinkle of whatever cheese is left in the house --- usually a mixture of parmesan, mozzarella, and Swiss or cheddar --- and if there's leftover ricotta, throw that in, too
- breadcrumbs tossed with olive oil and paprika, or make crumbs from the garlic bread that we served with the penne
- bake at whatever until it bubbles, and maybe roast some winter vegetables to serve alongside
- serve and listen to people say OH MY GOD THIS IS GOOD.


I make a no boil lasagna. Much, much easier.


Elsa - See, you have these "staples" in the fridge: leftover penne, cream, sherry garlic, blanched brocolli, hard cheese, ricotta, breadcrumbs and winter vegetables. Of those things, I have ... garlic and hard cheese. However, tonight I thought of your comment when I microwaved the bag of potatoes and broccoli and frozen pasta sauce "chips."
Caroline - Huh. I never make lasagna. Hate the stuff. It's what my family ate when we were hard up for cash. I don't think there was much to it besides ground beef, tomatoes, noodles, and cottage cheese.


Cottage cheese? No wonder you hate it.

Pick up a box of RF Lasagna noodles. Follow the no boil recipe on it.

.75 will happily take the leftovers if you get tired of it.


Nope still no crunch. Still need some crunch.

Hot Mom

I'll top your suburban chicken with crumbs with small town funeral potatoes made with low fat sour cream and cheese whiz.

The mourners cleaned that shit out.


Hot Mom - Well, it goes well with ham. Wasn't there ham?

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