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November 11, 2009



Oh wow. I want one.


Yeah, cute - but maybe a little intense to have sitting at your elbow. Though maybe he'd keep you on task, none of that clicking off to read a few blogs sort of thing.


So if she wanted something normal she probably should have asked for something strange and unusual.


What a great desk fan, though!


Why didn't he get the rooster? He could have spent $10 more!
In Gary's defense (never thought I'd be saying THAT) those fans are awesome.

Mrs. Hall


It is like an unbelievable and overwhelming tick, neigh, compulsion of mine to mess with people when they ask for specific things.

or have to have their desk a certain way.

or need to have the room at EXACTLY 64 degrees.

I mess with the temp, move their pencils, and or take the photos in the frames and turn them upside down.

because I just can't resist it. But only if I like the person. That's how I show my love.

There is no way I could NOT buy that fan for your sister.

it's just too much, I couldn't resist!

Erin G.

I love it. But then, I have a chicken purse.


I'm flabbergasted that it's a fan, and that it's found less than 6 months after her birthday!


Maybe she should have specified further, "Nothing fancy, nothing unusual, nothing that will leave orts or pellets scattered around my work area, nothing that will follow me from the desk to my bed and perch over my sleeping form as the embodiment of silent menace. You know, just a desk fan."


I LOVE that! I want it! Ooh, is there one that's a cat??


Hattie - It looks much better on the white background than it does in situ. (And thank you for the link!)
Big Dot - He looks ready to electrocute someone or sever a finger. I couldn't work like that.
.75 - She should have asked anyone but Gary.
Christy - Desk fans do not cost eighty-freaking-dollars. I can't call that a desk fan. It's an owl sculpture gutted and fitted with a fan.
Corinne - And as we know, Gary is kind of a rooster himself.
Mrs. Hall - Never come near my sister-in-law. She would explode.
Erin G. - Hm. yet I also have a chicken purse, and yet I don't love it. but I think I'm anticipating my s-i-l's reaction.
Tami - Well, true, he did hear the word "fan," just not the other words around it.
Elsa - "the embodiment of silent menace." You kill me!
Melissa - Oh, well, the cat is kind of cute. http://tinyurl.com/yctgsux
Smug, not menacing.


I saw it. Kind of spendy for a nothing-fancy desk fan. But I like it!!


Melissa - Well, there's a good chance it may turn out to be our desk fan. He's starting to realize she may not like it.

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