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November 29, 2009



My parents got one of those toasters for Christmas a few years ago (but theirs was a single, not a double) and it ended up being thrust upon me when I mentioned needing a toaster. New in the box. I thought about selling it on ebay but it turns out there's no internet value to them.

Anyway, they're not bad, but they're a lot of work for a "basic" breakfast. And they come with a measuring cup with a spike on the bottom, which is the last thing I need in the morning. And it is unreasonably huge for a toaster. So good call on the veto.


The husband and I were recently discussing how, in theory, stainless steel appliances look pretty in a kitchen, until the first time a kid enters the room.


I have stainless steel appliances. Guess what I *don't* have? (Hint: they're under 18 years old).


Yeah i have that toaster in the single size. And for the first 2 months of owning it we made egg mcmuffins every weekend. Until we got tired of eating egg mcmuffins. Now it's just a very large unattractive toaster.


I'm with you on the counter space. It's too precious to give up to something that only does one thing (well, this does two things that really is just one thing - makes breakfast).


My love of waffles may cause me to give up the last remaining square foot of counter space I have.

I can make poached eggs in a pan and I can make toast in the oven if I have to, but I don't think I've got the creative wherewithal to make waffles on anything but a waffle iron.


Erin - I suggested to Gary we get one for Mrs. Wonderful to make up for the huge quesedilla maker we got.
Caroline - Kids, I dont have them, yet the stainless brushed bowl on my mixer is spotty.
Tami - What, you don't have fingers, or you never touch your toaster?
Candy - No I feel bad that I have evidently insulted the toaster most of you have.
Becs - I just remembered! I too have a wafflemaker! Got to dig that thing out of the basement.


I never touch the outside of my toaster. Maybe it's a skill, maybe it's a god-given talent. Can't say. I don't touch the front of my fridge or the front of my dishwasher, either, I stick exclusively to the handles.


Tami - that IS a god-given talent.


OH MY GOD that is SUCH a HUGE LIE. We have stainless steel appliances and they are revolting. Even to me, and I don't usually care.
P.S. I know I'm behind but I cannot let this stand without saying DON'T DO IT STAINLESS STEEL SHOULD BE ILLEGAL IN THE KITCHEN.


Corinne! You ARE behind. TWO STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCES are in our KITCHEN and the in-laws kitchen right now because you didn't speak up! Let the fingerprints be on your head. On your head, Corinne.

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