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November 30, 2009



The little ball of yarn that came with your expensive socks is there in case the socks get a hole in them and they need to be darned. That way you'll already have matching yarn to fix the hole.


mapp & lucia = most excellent.

Amy in StL

My guess is that the little wooden ball is either cedar (which you can tell by smelling it) or it's to put in the heel of the sock for darning. But I think only my parents darn socks anymore.


Damn. Just now read that it was a wooden ball, not a ball of yarn. Amy's right, and I clearly can't read properly.

Big Dot

Mapp and Lucia are a brilliant read - and even more brilliant to watch, is the Granada TV series with Prunella Scales and Geraldine McEwen. Look for that on Amazon too - you'll be glad you did.


Ah, Monk, how I will miss thee.

Hubby shouted "noooo!" when part 1 ended. As if they'd reveal the contents of the tape before the break....

We watched Sunday's marathon to see if the present had ever been on the mantle or bookshelf in past seasons.


Faythe - See below, rabies lady.
Magpie - It was so long ago that I read the books that it will be brand new. All I remember is moonlight sonata and Georgie saying "tarsome."
Amy - It looks like cedar, but it doesn't smell like it.
Faythe - Yes, because you have rabies from being attacked by squirrells.
Big Dot - Oh, I remember it well. It was on Masterpiece theater here. I think its why Mom bought the books.
Caroline - Yes, I wondered that too. I also thought of you when they mention the ricin poisoning (To others - because of our chemistry project. Don't be alarmed.)

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