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November 03, 2009


Lazy Julie

Ooooooh. I want one of those licorice cookies!
Lazy J


Lazy J - you are welcome to them! I hate all anise and licorice flavors.


Yeah, who spits things out like a child?


I didn't know anyone actually bought those. So Gary is keeping the company in business eh?


I am with you, Queen. Anise flavor anything, tarragon, fennel, licorice... ick.

Erin G.

re: link

YES. That's Gary.


I know someone that we call Pfeffernusse because they're her favorite cookies. I personally dislike getting powdered sugar all over myself, but I don't mind things that taste like licorice.

Of course, the last cake I baked had a mouth and pointy teeth on it, so maybe I'm not the average judge.


I'm not a fan of anise-flavored things myself, Your Maj! What Archway calls "Wedding Cookies" my mother calls "Russian tea biscuits" and you're welcome to the recipe if you're ever in the mood for baking. Tami, my mom's cookies make it worthwhile to get yourself dusted with confectioner's sugar.


Pfeffernusse are nasty.


This has nothing to do with licorice or powdered sugar, but one day, I had a lovely little bowl of Trader Joe's peanut butter filled pretzels sitting on the counter while I was making dinner. Husband came in, popped one in his mouth and spit it out because he thought there was a worm or something inside. He wasn't expecting the soft peanut butter inside...


What I want to know is, did Gary eat the Pfeffernusse that he spat out, when he realised it was actually delicious? Because I would've.


.75 - Yep.
Candy - He brings home the oatmeal cookies too. Not the windmills though.
Surprising Woman - I didn't know tarragon was in that family. Still, not as bad as the evil Cilantro family.
Erin G - I KNOW!
Tami - I have a matronly bosom that catches the sugar.
Jammies - I've heard of them as Mexican Wedding Cakes, or Swedish Wedding Biscuits.
They are good.
Caroline - Hell yeah.
Magpie - Every time I ask Gary to taste something he says "What is it?" in a panic,and he waits to hear the explanation so he is prepared.
Big Dot - Nope - spat it into the trash. He is shocked that you asked.


I didn't mean I would eat if after GARY spat it out. But if it was just lying there on the kitchen counter, you mean he wouldn't just pick it up and eat it? Tch. Wasteful.


Big Dot - I just cleaned that counter after six weeks of sickliness and slovenliness. He'd better not spit on it.


Oh, those are Russian Tea Cakes! Now it all makes sense to me.

Your Majesty - it's precisely *because* of the matronly bosom that I avoid the powdered sugar. I don't want to look like someone's mom who just did an 8-ball.


Tami - And I just had some WITH Tea. Makes them 100 percent better. And I report with sadness that I now know what an 8-ball is.


Hmm. Obviously I was surrounded by more awful people than you were in our comparative youths.


Growing up, we called the "wedding cookies" "Russian Tea Cakes", too. Wedding cookies?? Where the heck did that come from?


Tami-hung out with church people...
Melissa-maybe they look pure and virginal


oh! delicious i like those cookies,good i found your blog. :)



Winnie - You have quite an odd name - "catering" - is that Tagalog for winnie?

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