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November 08, 2009



I'd never heard of him until you wrote about him. Then at the 50+ luncheon yesterday, several of the women were raving about him. One mentioned that she can never understand what he's saying, so she looked up some of the lyrics, and she still doesn't understand what anything MEANS! (BNL and Leonard have something in common - The Man and I always interpret BNL songs differently. Until me, it hadn't occurred to him that BNL's mostly breakup songs.)


With all respect for Leonard Cohen, may he sing forever (and also come to my town please and thank you all-benevolent Leonard):

Berets and shawls. Exactly what I would expect to see at a Leonard Cohen concert.


Allrighty, then. Added to the List of "must sees".


~~Silk - You were the one who told me that "Take This Waltz" was based on a poem by someone else. And for a while BNL was expkaining what some of their song lyrics meant. Like, there's a song about pinnochio's brother. I can't remember the title.
Elsa - yeah, I know. It makes me want to buy a beret just to horrify him!
Kristie - Yep. I'm very glad I went.

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