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November 09, 2009



Hey, my father was in the Great Escape camp - Stalag Luft III at Sagan. His escape number was 129, so he never got near - they only got up to 79. His pre-breakout job was to magnetise razor blades to make compass needles.

Erin G.

That sounds like a really interesting doc. Thanks for posting it - I'm going to look it up on Netflix and see if I can add it to my queue.


Big Dot - God! Now that is something for a list! How cool is that?
Erin G - Let me know if you like it.


You knew that already (http://travelskite.blogspot.com/search/label/Poland) but you were distracted by the dead penguins. It's always the way.


Big Dot - damn penguins steal the thunder from our vets. And today Veterans Day, too. Or I should say, Remembrance Day.

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