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November 23, 2009


mrs. hall

I miss my horse sized dog Henry. sigh.

as we unpack we find bits and pieces of his stuff. A collar her, a big dog kennel there. His massive softball size chew toys made of old black tires.

ok, gonna stop now, getting sad.



I was brushing my teeth as I read this and you caused me to snort toothpaste into my sinuses.

The family member of a patient used to bring her mastiff into the facility. One day she showed up with him and she was drunk off her ass. She handed my co-worker the leash and then staggered down the hall. My co-worker got stuck with this slobbering monster of a dog for about an hour. A monster only on the outside, he was pure creampuff on the inside. (Thank God.)


Mrs Hall - I thought for a moment he actually chewed on tires.
Zayrina - I will ask the question everyone wants asked. Do you brush your teeth over the sink, or is there a pc in your bathroom, or where do you spit if you are wandering around the house?

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