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October 01, 2009



Are you sure these are neurological tests and not DUI screenings?


The reenactment later in the day was just precious. I laughed like Mutley while Steve returned the chachkes and pictures on his desk to their original upright positions.


Caroline - it is the same test.
3 - tchotchkes: An inexpensive souvenir, trinket, or ornament. Also, chotchke. This makes up for you remembering who Carol is before I did. You spell like a gentile!

Big Dot

I think even epitomes of neurological perfection would have trouble walking on their heels. Are you sure that's not some secret medical joke? Because I just tried and all I did was look ridiculous.


Big Dot - No way. In fact I think I'm steadier on my heels. I take shorter steps, like a chinese foot-boung woman.

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