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October 01, 2009



Stop drinking that datura tea, girl. It will mess you up.


Becs- that was some fun research! Mom has Stinkweed/Jimson weed in her backyard.


I lived in Jefferson City for 2.5 years. It was boring, and it's easy to get lost with the winding roads that change names every 3 blocks, but it's not worth ending it all.


Caroline - It may be boring, but it's a better place to be at 3 am than the sickbed.


I think it's media stink gas that is polluting our collective unconscious. I had a completely vivid and disgusting dream last night, too revolting to relate. I was exposed to television recently, and I think that is what caused it.


Hattie - One of the friends had another explanation: I was freaked about about not remembering my maid of honor, so I had a dream about losing my memory. But I like your theory too.

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