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September 24, 2009



Oh! It is Pi! There's a second location opening where Two Nice Guys used to be.


A pizza place has those coy little prices without the dollar signs?

What is this world coming to?


So where did you find said scalper?

I need to sell these darn Rams tickets!


"Amish hormone-free chicken"? Really? :)


Caroline - is that Manchester? There are going to be three soon.
Becs - I usually dont care but this time THIRTY bucks for two drinks (cough meds) and a small pizza took me aback.
.75 - right out front - the seat-taker and I talked about scalping and recently the rules have changed somehow. Legal in the parking lot but not in front of the stadium? I dont know. The RFT would know, I bet.
RockyCat - yes, I felt that was a bit much. Thye gave no such assurances for the sausage.

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