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September 29, 2009



John Phillips can only get the Roman Polanski treatment posthumously.

Hot Mom

Stockholm syndrome, I'm telling you. It's easier not to feel feel victimized and used if you convince yourself that your beloved father is showing real, true, pure love for you by raping you.


The place to talk about it is in therapy and support groups, not my living room.


Right Caroline, we don't need to know. I guess I missed the CNN day long blah-blah-blah. If you think there are very many folks in Hollywood that don't have something like this in their lives, you're sadly mistaken. It is a wacky place, with wacky values and ideas, full of creative, slightly odd people. As with all the hype that comes out of the place, the less publicity, the better for all of us.


3 - aw, too bad for him. Like Michael Jackson, he wont realize how much he was loved.
Hot Mom - True. And I say good fpor all all victims of Stockholm syndrom, bettwer than dealing with father-hatred all your life.
Caroline - Maybe not the Today show. But certainly Oprah. Besides, maybe you aren't in a support group. Maybe you're thinking, "But it wasn't incest, it was an affair with my father / uncle / schoolteacher)." Plus see response to Judith below.
Judith - but here's what I'm thinking: wouldn't be be awful to have had sex at a young age, then to hear the public revalations of incest survivors, and then to deal with the (unwarranted) guilt of incest and THEN to think you were the only one who consented? And maybe liked it? That would be awful. And now because of Mackenzie maybe they would feel less guilt and shame. But wait -maybe this is sarcasm. You're creative and wacky.


He is an ex-daughter fucker.


3 - 'ee 'as joined the Sire Choir Invisible.

Sugared Harpy

Not taken advantage of...it's rape. Both times. And I do not consider Phillips saying she was having a consensual relationship with her father valid, it was impossible for her to give consent to her father as inherent in parent-child relationships.

I'm horrified by the Hollywood reaction of Polanski. Read Kate Harding's article at Salon's Broadsheet. She says it better than I could have.


Sugared Harpy -
[This was my intial stupid response at 1:50 am, because I'm a robot:]
Yes! Someone twittered the Salon article; that was fabulous. And morally what Phillips did was sick and evil, and for what he did the word rape maybe isn't even strong enough. But, I thought since I was putting libellous words in Wolf Blitzer's mouth anyway, I shouldn't accuse people of criminal activity. While I agree that any parent-teacher-officer-authority figure using influence to get sex is rape, I felt if I wasn't sure it would stick under California law I shouldn't use the word.
[BUT then this was me at 3 am after I imagined waking up after a blackout with my father's dick in me]
Oh, my God, what is wrong with me? I'm changing it.


This is the best thing yet I have read on this subject.
Oh, and did you know Polanski paid the woman off? So that is probably why she is all "It was long ago and really didn't bother me."


Hattie- go here:
Paid her off, or "reached a settlement" - maybe she was making his life hell since she knew she'd never get justice in court. That would be nice.

Country Girl

Ummm...John Phillips died last year and Mackenzie has a book coming out. Convenient.


Country Girl - She needs to get a jump on all this before she dies of her overdose.

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