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September 28, 2009



Well, I think that a "real" maid of honor would have introduced herself first, as in,"Hi E________. I am X_________ and I was your Maid of Honor at your wedding to Y__________. How are you?"

One should never assume that was "the" wedding. For her to be all presumptuous about the place she had in your world and how you would remember her and all that entails just tells me that she has a real issue with her own validity.

K. Did that make you feel better, 'cause.... Dude.... srsly......


SurprisingWoman - no, worse, because it isnt like I dropped her after THE wedding. I've kept in touch with her except for the past three years. AND I'd even seen her thin.


So did she used to be your best friend?


She was very nice and she looked great, not that I knew her heavier.


.75 - She's been my benchmark friend, my longest-lasting friend. I wasn't her best friend, that's someone in Hawaii. Her second-best friend was also in my wedding.
Caroline - She is great. I should get in touch with her. But do I want to recap the last two years or so?


Yeah...if you ever talk to her again? Have her email me her secret. The one about losing 100 pounds. That one.


Shania - Weight Watchers.

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