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September 08, 2009



P&P&Zombies fricking rules. All the goodness of Austen with the addition of zombie combat.


I'm afraid to read that book. I don't think I could touch the cover without shivering.


I can't wait to hear your thoughts on P&P&Z. I keep wavering on reading it, and your word will help me decide.
I opted for Hoarders last night. I watch to prevent myself from becoming one of them one day.


Oh, but if you had a choice between Kenneth, as wonderful as he is, and Gregory Wise (Willowby), what would YOU have done?

I read P&P&Z. (spoilerishness ahead)

It is not all it could have been if the damn author had bothered to crack open Wikipedia once or twice. Shaolin do NOT use Katana! Stupid, stupid, mistake. Also, too many ball jokes. And a completely missed chance with Mr. Collins.

Otherwise, make sure you've seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (or lower quality, higher corn Chinese wu zu action films) to really appreciate this book.

Here, I wrote a review. Not sure if you'll be able to see it from this link.


It has spoilers so if that's a problem wait until you've read it. Not like you don't know basically what happens...


Angie - Zombie Combat. Great Band Name.
Candy - Because of the skull? I love skulls!
Kristie - I fear for myself. There's stuff on the dinign room table that's been there all August.
Sherri - I'm going to wait on the review until I'm done. Actually, Gary read that you should read the books side-by-side to really appreciate the zombies book. Oh, and has Greg Wise dimples? Hath he perfectly blow-dried hair, though lo there are no blow-driers in days of yore? Hath he an Oscar nomination?


I have only recently recovered from the dissolution of the Ken / Em Marriage. And what did Miss Bonham-Carter do after Ken? Moved on to creepy Tim Burton. What the...? (Yes, I have heard Em decided to move on first, but surely she must have been prompted by some dastardly Ken deed. Because she is Em. And because she is perfect.)


1)I am immediately sending this link to my sister elsa.

2)The Nostradamus thing ROCKED. All my favorite quasi-science rolled into one highly improbable, rickety, yet hilarious theory. You could hear the wheels falling off right through the tv.


I don't know that you need to read both books if you have read P&P at least once (or watched the mini-series). It's pretty faithful, but it does require some familiarity with the original novel for ALL the jokes to be appreciated.

Wise has dimples and great hair and, frankly, a much nicer ass, which balances out the nomination in my mind ;) But KB seems pretty content with his current marriage, too.

Hot Mom

I need to borrow this book when you're done.


Becs - I saw Em on Lettermen publically begging her husband Ken to come home, and saying he was so tired his sperm were on crutches and she couldnt get preggers.
Gaoo - Those drawings were interesting but looked like large scale doodles to me.
Sherri- The Wise dimples are lower-quality than KBs dimples. And KB got married again?
Hot Mom - Okay. Gary has to read it too.


I wasn't wowed by the book--too much gross stuff, not enough cleverness. I reviewed it also, but Sherri's is better.

But if you keep your expectations nice and low, you should enjoy the book.


Jammies - Okay then. I've read P&P ith low expectations before - Mom always said it was a romance novel, essentially.

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