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September 24, 2009



I believe it's just age. I was soooooo hip when I was younger, I swear it. I was out on the local music scene all the time, in a bar every night of the week, or hanging at a friend's house, talking about the local music scene or what was happening in the bars.

Now I actually fantasize about being on my couch with my feet tucked under the throw when I'm somewhere else. That's what I did last night, and it was a kind of heaven.


I'm actually more apt to go out and party now, but since I married a may 15 years older than me, it requires finding him a cardigan and being home before 9.


Tami - I need to get out of the house at night once every two weeks at least. Gary never needs to leave the house.
Candy - That age spread is sharp! Leaving by nine sounds like a good compromise to me, at least you get to be out with him. Our compromise is that I leave without him.

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