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September 24, 2009



Birbigglebug is great live... have fun!


Ooooooooo, that's great. We saw him last time he was in St. Louis.

I'd like to see his one-man show. I wish they'd release it on DVD.


Rachel From The Cruise

OMG!!! Ellen- I am totally going to Mike Birbiglia tonight too! We'll have to have a mini cruise reunion : ) I was thinking about you anyway because the Weakerthans are playing in Chicago tomorrow night and I have tickets!

Rachel From The Cruise

And I don't care if you cough on me!

Rachel From The Cruise

Just read some older posts- sorry you aren't feeling well recently. That sucks. I'm thinking of you : )


Okay, this is funny.


I'm sorry you missed trivia night. :-(


Dave2 - I really enjoyed the physical humor, especially when he pariodied trying to make the "Scrambler" operator stop the ride.
Seals - Yes, the Sleepwalk show? Me too. He mentioned he comes to Saint Louis about once a year!
Rachel - Nice to see you there.
3- See? Told you.
Caroline - ME TOO DAMNIT. Did you win? Do Curriculum win?

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