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September 16, 2009



My 21 year old son thinks that Moonlighting is the best show ever made. He's been getting the discs from Netflix and watching them over and over.
My entire dorm was watching the night David and Maddie finally consummated their relationship. The roar was heard across campus.
I watched the pilot for Glee and I have to say, Gary is right. I need to set an alarm for Wednesday--I have missed both episodes since then. No Tivo, DVR here. And I'm not capable of figuring out whether or not I can record on the VCR with the digital converter box hooked up to my 1983 TV.
Hope you are feeling better. Which Babka tasted best?


Moonlighting WAS one of the best shows ever made, Wendy's son is right! I never missed it (and my husband loved it too!)

Glee...fills me with The Joy. I smile for an hour. It's amazing.


I LOVED Moonlighting. And I keep meaning to watch Glee, but forget. I will definitely make a point of not missing it from now on.

Big Dot

Me too, me too! I loved Moonlighting as well! It was so sophisticated and funny. But it went downhill sharply once the sexual tension was relieved (usual story).

Gary's dislike is an unerring marker for what's good, clearly. I bet my daughter has already found, downloaded and watched every episode of Glee.


Moonlighting was definitely one of the greatest shows ever. My Mom used to let me watch! hehe


Wendy -Oh, the boughten babka. And it's much easier. And you know you can see shows online, right? Unless you're at work...
Candy - Its imore nteresting now how they've now incorporate the music into real life ("I Put a Hole in Your Car" or whatever that song was.)
Kristie - I dont know if Id be watching it, but Gary hates it so much that it must be good.
Big Dot - It's very much a teenage show.
.75 - Oh, and how old were you? Ten?

Big Dot

Really? YOU say 'boughten' too? I grew up with that - except it was always 'shop-boughten''. I've never heard anyone else ever say that outside our family.

Big Dot

Oh, and that sounds ideal - she's very much a teenager. (Unlike - ahem - you and Gary...)


Big Dot - "boughten" is looking stranger and stranger to me. It still sounds right. Oh, now I have to look it up. (Moments later)
"adjective Northern and North Midland U.S. Nonstandard. store-bought."

Nonstandard? Hmph. I prefer the second entry in dictionary.com:

"bought·en (bôt'n)
v. A past participle of buy.
Commercially made; purchased, as opposed to homemade: boughten bread.
Artificial; false. Used of teeth.
American regional dialects allow freer adjectival use of certain past participles of verbs than does Standard English. Time-honored examples are boughten (chiefly Northern U.S.) and bought (chiefly Southern U.S.) to mean "purchased rather than homemade": a boughten dress, bought bread. The Northern form boughten (as in store boughten) features the participial ending -en, added to bought, the participial form, probably by analogy with more common participial adjectives such as frozen. Another development, analogous to homemade, is evident in bought-made, cited in DARE from a Texas informant."

Just letting the teenager comment slide.

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