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September 22, 2009



The Queen Mum rocked it, that's for sure. Don't you see how strongly you resemble her?

The hand rims on the wheels kills me. As does the lap robe.

I pity the fool who tried to pity her.

Mrs. Hall

Wow, this is awesome. I love the slightly squinted eyes, the hair do-the stringy tinsel.

All beautiful, all very breathtaking.



I think Jammies had that wall paper in her house when she first got it. Is it foilish?

Erin G.

!!! Love.


Your mom is beautiful. That, however, is some God. Awful. Wallpaper.


I love the slightly elevated eyebrow. You definitely inherited that from her.


That is a beautiful photograph of a beautiful woman. I keep looking at it, there are so many details. Her hands, her hair, her expression. Lovely.


Becs - no, really, I don't resemble her. Well, there was a fifth grade photo of her we saw after she died that does show a resemblance.
Mrs hall - I've always like stringy tinsel best, too. Mom always used rope tinsel. Must be a thing that skips a generation.
Zayrina - you know, I dont remember seeing that wallpaper (it was in the front room, never used) but then I realized I knew it was plum from a black-and-white photo. Could have had foil.
Erin- me too. Hey, how was the City Museum?
Trisha - People, I have never noticed the wallpaper. What is it with you all and wallpaper?
Caroline - Okay, now I see that. And the earlobe, that must be a family earlobe.
Wendy - I think so too. I think it has all of AnselAdams's seven shades of grey.

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