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September 24, 2009





Ok now I'm REALLY sad I didn't go because that's one of my favorite places. :)

Although I did have a salad so I guess I saved a few pounds.

OH...AND managed to pick up my friend from the airport that I forgot about! DOH!

Erin G.

Oooo! The loop! I know what you are talking about. (*beams with pride*) When we were out there last week we looked at houses a few blocks away from Blueberry Hill. Siiiiiigh.


I'm from Chicago and LURV!! chicago-style pizza. Glad you are enjoying it!


Caroline - Pi.
.75 - Good thing you turned me down.
Erin G - "Looked at houses" - you mean the Forest Park house tour?
Annie - I've only had the Pizza Hut and Uno's deep dish - this was real, and it was magical!

Erin G.

No, I mean we actually contacted a realtor and looked at houses. I know that area is supposed to be "crazy expensive"....but actually? It's all in the context. Houses in my neighborhood in Queens are no less than $700k - and they're not even that cute! So when I look at $500k mansions in St. Louis, it seems like an amazing deal to me. Also -- it blows me away -- 3 of the houses we looked at were about 3k sq ft and in all 3 instances the families were moving because they "need more space". Reeeeeeeeally? How is it possible that one needs more than 3k sq ft?! Again - context - we live in little litter boxes here in the Big Apple. (All I really want is a washer/dryer hook up IN MY HOUSE. I will feel like royalty if I can just have that!)


Erin G - If you dont mind being 20 miles outside the city I can hook you up with a laundry. House comes with Ghost of Mom.

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