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September 06, 2009


Tray Table Stowed

You know what's funny? I totally thought about this today. You see, my intent, like many New Yorkers, is to hang our flag on our fire escape on Sept 11 -- only Fred won't be home to do it (I get dizzy out there) so I asked him to hang it tomorrow morning. And then I thought, "Is it weird to hang a flag on Labor Day?" but then I thought, "Why not? There are military troops all over the place working while we take a day off to chill." So, okay, I'm just going to leave our flag up all week.


So, I guess there was no "Roshashanah - pray for our troops"?


The calendar I got from my (Catholic) church has Yom Kippur on it. No rosary hanging in front of it, though.

Sept 30 is the feast day for St. Jerome, the patron saint of librarians. St. Jerome rocks.


Good job on the spelling there Magpie! :)

I'm surprised there is no "Pray for the Jews" that day. hehehe


Luckybwaygirl - Why not! Our neighbor has a flag out all the time. He does have a light illuminating it, but I don't think it comes in when it rains.
Magpie - You are going to pay for that on Rosh Hashanah. (And I didn't look that up, so I stand solidly with you on the spelling ignorance.)
Becs - I also looked up the saints days in September, and one was Good King (and evidently Saint) Wenceslaus, Patron Saint of ...winter fuel. Er, Bohemia.
.75 - Every day is "Pray for the Jews" day ... Look, you set yourself up for that.


I never knew MIA/POW day was on my birthday. Am I still allowed to have fun as long as I've prayed for the troops?




Plus isn't it Ramadan? Pray for our troops. Oh what the hell, they should just all come home AND get a day off.


Gaoo - Amen to that.


.75 - Every day is "Pray for the Jews" day . That's right, baby. You prayed for my people yet, today?


Tami - Hey! I made a babka today. We should be cool.

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