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September 10, 2009



Well, it does let them stand out in a sea of black, navy, and dark brown suits. And none of them wore ugly purple hats or feather boas.

Just to be a picky ass, isn't Sebelius's suit more of a coral color?


Who was the woman in the pink with the bright orange rough silk scarf/shawl? She totally hurt my eyes.


I thought Nancy's face was going to break at one point. It was awesome.


I blame Nancy Reagan.


Sherri - Oh ... that was just the lighting.
Tami - I know! I saw her. And it ended up Napolitano was in blue, but todays shes in red again.
Candy - Ooo, it contorted after she looked at the seating chart.
Becs - Ah! Your are right!


We miss Napolitano, we got stuck with a nutty, nutty, nut-ball when she got recruited. She looks like they are aging her in D.C. in a big hurry! I hated watching Nancy behind him for the whole speech. It's like someone told her, "Now, smile, Nancy,you don't want the world to see you in a frown". Yikes.


Judith - Yes, Nancy was not smiling with her eyes as Tyra says you should.

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