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September 13, 2009



Woo hoo! What is your secret, O Baking Queen?


Becs - use bread flour when baking bread.


Mmm - see practice does make perfect.

Erin G.

WOW! That's so pretty!

Amy in StL

I thought of you this weekend when I saw some at Whole Foods.

Catherine (aka Caroline)

I'm so excited to dig into my birthday babka! We got home at midnight from the Cardinals game, so I'm waiting until tomorrow when I can fully appreciate it, with my husband Brendan and my dog Scout.


Magpie - If I hadn't gotten sick tonight I'd have made another.
Erin G - Well, actually, not at all right. Too regular.
Amy in StL - Well, I think I'm going to have to make a trip out there, just to see what I'm aiming at. Wouldn't it be funny if I hated chocolate babka?
Conchita - Shut uppppppppp.


Birthday babka? I like the sound of that!


.75 - pre-made babka. Thats the way to go.Tell your relatives.

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