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September 06, 2009


Big Dot

That's so funny. Also intriguing - this birthday month indemnity business, I like the sound of that. I suppose it HAS to be reciprocal?


Nice way to say, STFU. How polite!


Traffic backs up on Caulk's Hill like crazy now, doesn't it? I can't believe there hasn't been a serious accident there already. I tell anyone who visits me that they must yield now, after years of telling people "JUST GO!"

I hope that when the new section of 364 opens that there will be far less through traffic on the outer road and I'll actually get to turn in less than 2 traffic light cycles.


I hate when they mess with the roads I've been driving on for 20 years. "Muscle memory"- I love that. There's this one place out by the airport where they added a new turnpike entrance, and reshaped the road so it has this weird bank to it, and every time I drive on it I am suddenly completely lost in my own town.


Big Dot - Yes, it does. I busted his hump this last month, I can't imagine what he'll expect when it's March. "This cereal won't pour itself."
Surprising Woman - Yep. He was polite. That's why I devoted a blog post to it.
Caroline - I might have to start taking the back way. They have to change that area back to how it was. Scary.
Gaoo - Oh, there's a major street here like that, also by the airport. I grew up with it, then one day I found out they re-directed it to run into a tunnel. I really panicked the first time I went into the tunnel. Convinced I was lost.


The back way - good idea! Because the less time I spend idling next to McDonald's, the fewer times I will give in to sausage biscuit temptation.


Caroline - Of course I forgot to do it today. Oh - and here's a recipe for these egg-bacon cheese tarts that taste a lot like the Bread company quiches:

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