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September 02, 2009



What has your notebook got in its pocketeses?


Becs - We has the birthday presentses.


Ah, life imitates art. I am reading this at 12:10 the following morning while watching a Friends rerun. AND... I scheduled my next GYN appt Tuesday too. Is yours Sept. 22?


Went to Vegas last February. The Bellagio is beautiful. Best glass ceiling ever! Vegas is the only place outside of Walt Disney World where hotels are an attraction.

Get tickets to Penn & Teller -- it's an amazing show. Do NOT let Gary make you give up the book before you are ready (you'll understand when you get there if they do the joke trick). Zumanity ain't that wonderful for the price -- fake naked people and corny sex jokes -- although that might have been because I sat with my mother-in-law (who sponsored the trip). Casinos weren't that interesting to me, in part because I can spend my money on useless trinkets instead of just losing it and in part because they stink of cigarette smoke and desperation.

Keep your eyes open for the Fake Cities of the World! Fake Paris! Fake New York! Fake Rome! Oh, and make Gary take you to the Venetian Fake Venice Shopping Mall. Check the Fake Sky Ceiling and tell me if you think the painted on clouds look like they are moving.


Oh, one more thing. Vegas actually has a little train system. It's hidden behind the hotels, but it's not expensive and it's nice to ride if you can survive the walk to it. I think Howie Mandell does the announcements -- not sure.


Caroline - I cancelled. My gums bled more this month than my labia did. Cream must be working.
Sherri - I think Penn & Tellers show on cable, Bullshit, has turned gary against them. Gary's not keen on OTHER people who have opinions. Cough.


The fact that the casinos smell of smoke and desperation are what attracts me *to* them.


Tami - I think I might like what desperation smells like. Hmm. I'll have to sniff someone in the elevator.

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