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September 16, 2009



I dunno. I call that a recipe for a sleepy, full-tummied evening in. There's a problem?


I hate, hate, hate codeine. My mind won't shut off on it. It's like that show Chuck when he flashes on something and sees hundreds of images in a few seconds. Except All. Night. Long.


Becs - not quite a full tummy - Gary ate two thirds of it already. But it IS amazing.
Caroline - Really? It isnt having much of an effect on me at all. Except I am peeing much more copiously when I cough. I've changed to Gary's underwear.


You went with packaged Babka? If I ever get my hands on some, I will hook you up.


.75 - It was very educational. I have a better idea what Tami means by "folded" and the recipe says I need to have used whole wheat flour.


Really? Whole wheat flour? My great grandma never had whole wheat flour. She did have bread flour, though.


Tami - sorry, not "recipe." The ingredient list mentioned it was whole wheat. See, this is where I stop with a project. I'm one step away from success - and then - oh my god I'M A MAN. This is Gary and the TV.

I'm rambling. Sick.

codeine without prescription

Codeine Sulfate It works just ok, but it does not last long enough and wears off 3 hours before you can take your next dose.


Codeine Hawker - Dude. Not cool. No way is this cool.

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