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September 27, 2009



If I bring my plastic drums and guitars, can I come over and play at your house? I'll let you sing.


Candy - you bet. We'll need to have someone to teach us how to use it.


I was going to say...at least buy the drums. Those are the coolest. :)


Yeah, but the drums are the *hardest*. There's no keyboard. I finally got to play on Saturday night. Who knew that the harmonies were so frickin' impossible on Taxman? Not me! I just always assumed I sounded OK when I was singing along. WRONG!


.75 - Gary's a real drummer. He needs the big noise.
Tami - Thats whats so nice about three-part harmonies, if you're singing some note that's probably a note John Paul or George is singing. But if they expect you to pick one track and sing it, forget it.

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