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August 13, 2009



I know. I hate that "disappearing before the appointment" stuff. Happens to me a lot. Of course, I am a raging hypochondriac. I've pretty much stopped going to the doctor, because usually what I get is a shrug or a prescription for Cipro.

Erin G.

This is funny.



... and the mechanic looks up from his crouched position, wearily shakes his head, and says, "Lady, I don't hear no noise."


Muffia. Awesome.


Mechanic/(GYN )looks up from his crouched position, wearily shakes his head, and says, "They all do that."


Becs - Hypochondriacs are justified. You just aren't sick enough yet.
Erin G - Thank you! I thought it might be, but I'm never sure. Y'all might have been all "Oh, that sounds awful! Good luck at the doctor tomorrow!"
Elsa - You and your sister seem to have a problem with mechanics! What does your brother say?
Caroline - I shouldn't admit this, but I posted this late at night and realized the next morning I'd missed a chance to call my trash-talking hairs the Muffia. So I added it.
gaoo - No. I can't believe all labias swell and bleed during that time of the month, one side on even months, the other side on odd. But what I WILL hear is "We don't know what it is, but it isn't serious."

Big Dot

How could you doubt that this is a very funny post? I meant to say so, but I got distracted.

And why shouldn't you come back and tinker if you want? It's your blog! And there aren't many other chances in daily life to improve on one's performance. A blog is a living thing, an OC thing maybe, always open to a little tweaking here and there...


Just go to the ER the minute it happens. Then, when you have proof of your weird muff bleeding patterns, hold it up for all doctors to see and yell "HAH!" at the top of your lungs. Offer no other explanation.


Tami - Surprisingly, I was wrong. The doctor acknowledged there was a problem and applauded me for coming in. Because of the CANCER.

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