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August 07, 2009


Big Dot

My mother had that cook book! And I read it because it was funny, and because it was funny, I absorbed that that was the cool way to view cooking. Which is why I have ten recipes on endless rotate.


i do believe that i have someone's mother's copy of that book. i also have both volumes of mastering the art of french cooking, and eleventy hundred other cookbooks. it's kind of a sickness.


That must be the perfect cookbook. Perhaps we need a Hate Cooking GNO to try out a few recipes.


I think I want to see the Julie and Julia movie. :)

Dude, I'm the QUEEN of "Hate Cooking" but that means I really don't cook.


Worth the price of the book just for these instructions alone: "Start cooking those noodles, first dropping a bouillon cube into the noodle water. Brown the garlic, onion and crumbled beef in the oil. Add the flour, salt, paprika and mushrooms, stir, and let it cook five minutes while you light a cigarette and stare sullenly at the sink."


Big Dot - I've whittled my ten recipes down to one: Chopped Salad.
Magpie - I have the same sickness, only it's reserved to tea party recipes.
Caroline - I think that was the book that taught me real cooks make this thing called white sauce, we use Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup which is essentially the same thing.
.75 - Erin G just saw it - she was in 2 seconds of it. I'll find out today which 2 seconds.
Gaoo - I know! It was all like that. I cant wait till Amazon fills my request.


Ooh! I want to know what two seconds, I saw the movie yesterday. I went immediately to the supermarket afterward, of course, and bought baby red potatoes and gorgonzola cheese.

I do not have a copy of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", but I do have a potato ricer and a fine sense of what will be damn tasty in mashed potatoes.


I love to cook, and I love the _I Hate To Cook Book_. There's a recipe in there for blender-made pot de creme au chocolat that kicks ass.


Tami - Okay, there's scene with a wedding (I think Julia Childs sister gets married) and on the front row sitting next to the father is a redhead in a bubblegum pink dress, and that's ErinG. I haven't seen it yet, but i got a good description.
Elsa - Oh! I ordered it, so I will look up the pots de creme.


OK! I did not notice her, but I feel somehow better knowing which scene I didn't notice her *in*.



I loved that book and because of it was able to cook after a fashion before I learned to cook, so to speak.


Tami - I'm sure it's a sign of a good actress that she generously did not steal the scene from Meryl Streep.
Hattie - Did you have the "I Hate to Housekeep" book too?I think we had that too, or else I checked it out from the library.

Emily Hunter

I discovered this book at my Great Aunt's house a few years ago... and was so charmed, I set out to dig up every single Peg Bracken book I could find, used. The woman is hysterical, and the Hilary Knight illustrations complement Peg's humor beautifully; thanks for posting them. I was so happy when Meryl Streep brought up her name on Colbert... maybe some more star power will get TIHTCB back in print. (Incidentally, my favorite chapter title is "Potluck Suppers - or How to Bring the Water for the Lemonade")


Emily Hunter (Hi!) - I think one thing they might need to is improve the recipes ... But the book itself IS great.

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