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August 03, 2009


Big Dot

Ahhh! The push-start! I was worried because I didn't know what popping the clutch even was, let alone think of doing it - but yes, I would have done that, in my Mini years ago.

I would prefer to do that than use the jumper cables, because I have a half-memory that if I connect them the wrong way around, I'll blow up the engine.

Don't know if it's more worrying that Gary didn't have his pants on, or that it would take him time to put them on.


This ...

She has a Prius, and I didn't want my Mini to assimilate with her hybrid SpaceBorgwagon.

... was BEAUTIFUL. But that's why I come here, for the lyrical writing. Oh, and the hilarious stories.

(I forgot about clutch-popping, too. My excuse is that I no longer own a vehicle with a clutch.)


Even when I had a clutch, I couldn't pop it. I miss my clutch though. Those were good times.


Huh. I've driven a stick my whole life and I've never heard of clutch popping.

(I just bought a Mini. Don't have it yet, but thrilled about it.)

Crystal (Bratcw)

It didn't even occur to me that your Mini might be a manual transmission. How old does that make me?


Years and years ago I was very very young. I was dating X2B. My father bought a VW beetle to let me drive. It had issues. One issue was that it had to be push started often. I understood the theory but had not actually been at the wheel during a push start. X2B and I were out on a date in the VW. It wouldn't start. "We have to push start it", says I sagely. X2B decides it would be more chivalrous were he to do the pushing. (We were on a flat surface.) He pushes with all his might and the little VW gained momentum. X2B yells, "OK, do it now." "Do what?" Yells I as I coasted along to a stop.

One lives, one learns, then one forgets....

Erin G.

I don't own a car. That would have never occurred to me. But I'm going easy on myself because it's my birthday month, too.


"....take a while to get his pants on...." seems to me to be the crux of the whole We're Old story. That alone is worth the price of admission.


Big Dot - Okay, I just asked Gary what he was doing with his pants off and why it would take a while, and it seems he was napping. Gary is not at his best when isn't fully awake, so "I need to put my pants on" really means, "I need to get my brain waves out of the big house I'm dreaming of."
wyo - I decided that was when I forgot about popping - the previous car was an automatic. It ruined me.
Candy - It is the only way to truly drive a car. And it sounds like you had one of those reliable cars that started when you wanted it to!
Magpie - You will love the Mini. You wont have to pop it for five years. But, if you turn off the DSC, jerk the wheel and then yank up the parking brake, it will spin.
Crystal - I think that makes you very young - the transmission stages are: automatic, then manual, then in old age automatic again.
Zayrina - Ha! An excellent story, and well told.
Erin G - I always go easy on myself. In fact, I just told the nurse I was fat and didn't care, and she said, "That Celexa's working REAL good, isn't it."
Gaoo - Well, it was really that he had to wake up. I drove one time with Gary when he was still half asleep (and I was unable to drive) and it was scary. Oddly, I didnt even question why it would take a while to get his pants on. Funny you all picked up on that!

Big Dot

Yeeees, well, I'm afraid that raises more questions than it answers. Is Gary such a snappy dresser (this seems unlikely somehow) that he can't bear any creases in his pants other than official ones? Or by 'nap' does he mean something much more full-on than the temporary consciousness-blip that I understand it to be? I think gaoo is on to something, but it's not just the time it takes to put them on again that's the We're Old thing, it's the taking them off in the first place.

And you do realise, through all this, I'm struggling to remember that by 'pants' you mean 'trousers' and not the garment underneath them?


Big Dot - He's a naked napper. Naps in my house take a full 3-hour REM cycle.

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