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August 11, 2009


Erin G.

"Can you see the stars?"
"No, but I can see Uranus!"

(bows with a flourish and exits stage left)


It always rains at night or is cloudy here when the Perseids come. Pffft. Jersey.

Big Dot

Leonids? Perseids? What's going on here, some Greek tragedy? I've never come across these terms before. But then I've never seen a meteor shower either.

But I did see Saturn's rings recently [much prettier than the rings around Uranus, Erin, ta dah] through someone's telescope that was controlled by a remote: you just typed in the star, and it found it for you. Felt like cheating to me.


Erin G - And now that I've met you, you also add a hand flourish and a toe bob as you say it.
Becs - yep, too cloudy here last night. trying again tonight.
Big Dot - GOOD to know that say Uranus correctly in NZ and didn't bow to pressure to pronounce it in the fin-de-siecle manner. And yes, that is cheating.

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