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August 02, 2009



By "park on the levee", do you mean the slanty cobblestone leading into the river? I'm guessing no one parks there these days because all the top-heavy SUVs would tumble right over.

Remember when the train tracks used to go down the middle of Lenore K. Sullivan? I remember crossing them in the dark to get from the parking to the Arch grounds and back. I wonder why my parents had us out there so late. Hmmmm....


Caroline - Yep, the cobblestones. And, I remember when it wasn't called Lenore K Sullivan, I think. And we saw the train running past the flood wall Friday night.


Because it's hard to drive on the cobblestones!

Mrs. Hall

um, you left out what you ate, what you wore, and all sorts of detail.

i mean, i blocked out 25 minutes to read this and really, it took 5, 7 minutes tops.

false advertising!!!

glad Gary was blissful during the lot.

I have never heard of LC but, nice photos :)

Big Dot

Just sitting back here awaiting your reaction to Mrs Hall's final statement.


.75 - Not for the Mini! Or the Fit. They both drive like skateboards.
Mrs. Hall - You must mean you've never heard of Guster. Everybody Knows (about Leonard Cohen). (LC fans just laughed at that.)
Big Dot - I let her off easy. I could have said "Do you remember the 'Hallelujah' song in 'Shrek?' He WROTE that.


I hope you never get in a wreck then because I don't think a skateboard is going to win.


I forgot to comment on the radioactive barges. Many barges contain grain. You know, the stuff normal people (who don't create bizarre diets every other month) eat. Grain elevators pay farmers based partially on the amout of foreign material and moisture in the load of grain. The elevator company will later be paid based on the same things. It's therefore in their best interest to keep the grain covered and dry during transport. Just a little something I learned on my last consulting gig...

But if it's more fun to pretend the corn is glowing and green, who am I to tell Gary differently?


i give you full permission to mimic me at a Guster show, i will take it as a badge of honor


.75 - You are right. That's why they don't make my old car anymore, the CRX.
Caroline - Gary's only happy when its radioactive. I'm only happy when it rains.
Keri - You are very cool at shows. I've seen you.


...never heard of Leonard Cohen...


That's worse than thinking that underpants should be called "pants". You wear them under pants.


Tami - it is more gender neutral to say girls wear panties, boys wear pants. Jumpers though, thats just messed up.

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