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August 09, 2009



Roman's pants called me a few weeks ago. I heard his voice and a woman's voice. *I* had NO SHAME! I listened for a bit. They were apparently loading a car, and he was frustrated, and when I heard "that" petulant whining note in his voice, I remembered why I didn't care. I also shouted. Don't know if he heard me or not, but suddenly the connection was cut. Gee, Roman, a "sorry my pants bothered you" might have been nice.

Erin G.

>>Butt-busted by Blackberry! Blackberry blabs Blackberry Pie Betrayal!<<

This is brilliant.

And Gary stories are now forever amplified in hilarity because I have met the two of you. Which is just wonderful and might get me in trouble for laughing out loud too much at work.

Big Dot

Butt call - booty call - butt booty call? I don't know where I'm going with this.

I got woken late at night once by the OH's phone ringing me from his breast pocket while he was talking to a woman at a work do. (That was the cover story anyway.) I listened for a while, but then hung up because it was so boring - and I was, get this, EVER SO SLIGHTLY DISAPPOINTED.

I think that's a double blackberry betrayal you had there.


~Silk - You should have called him back and "accidentally" let him overhear something juicy.
Erin G - It was great meeting the two of you. As far as I can see Freddy is exactly as you describe him.
Big Dot - I know, I almost went there too. I couldn't make anything of it. And with gary, even "nothing" is never boring.

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