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August 17, 2009



I really dislike dreaming about my mom being alive (she died in 1987). The last one I had was only about a month ago, and we were shopping for clothes (for her) in some boutique-y type store. She was standing as tall and healthy as ever, and I didn't like anything she was taking off the racks to try on.

I don't know what that's supposed to mean, but my point is that everyone gets wierded out by "dead mom being alive" dreams. I feel ya.


I had a dream about my mom being alive not long ago, that stuck with me for weeks. She's been dead for 15 years, but in this dream she was alive, and all my sisters knew it but me and she shunned me. It was pretty horrible.

Crystal (Bratcw)

I had another "Mom is alive" dream last week. Apparently I was getting ready to marry some loser and he backed out with me in full wedding regalia. Mom laughed her ass off and said, "I told you he'd do this." Considering I'm not even dating anyone right now, it was random. And every time it happens, I have to remind myself when I wake up that she's still dead - the dream didn't bring her back to life.


Do you mean "Champagne Supernova"?


Tami - The thing is, you wake up and that's your last memory of your mom then, and then you have to replace it with the real last memory.
Candy - I wish you a good Mom dream to replace the bad one. Gary can think about something when the alarm wakes us up, then fall back asleep and dream about his thoughts.
Crystal - You all seem to be having a spate of "Dead Mom being bitchy to me." So far I'm in the "Dead Mom! Better than ever!" phase.
Becs - "A dreamer dreams, she never dies." OOoo. Creepy.

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