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August 23, 2009



I have just the cleaning lady for you. She'll be scared half to death but she'll leave it as pristine as a room at the local Marriott (the good one, not the cheap one).

She'll also charge you a minor fortune.

Love the furniture but never expected stripey blue wallpaper from you. Or blue roses. Which rhymes with plurosis (sp?).


Becs - My goal is to shame Gary into finishing the TV wiring project that has this room in an uproar. Oh, and the stripey wallpaper is from the Young Me - that is STATUS wallpaper. Blue Roses? I sometimes have a limp.


love the sun shining through the beer bottle! I was feeling all, HA! you think THAT'S messy?? until the last photo. Now I'm all hey, soul sister, looks like my house. There is hope after all.


Gaoo - beer bottle? BEER bottle? Nope, Scrumpy bottle. Beer is vile.

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