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July 08, 2009



This is a cross-section of Barbie's reproductive system. Ken is a eunuch.


Smallest. Vajay-jay. Ever.

That's just silly. I bet a man drew that, in which case, he thinks that's 18 inches long.


I don't know how many other vaginas you've seen (or whatever) but "one size doesn't fit all".

Different sizes for different ages. Pregnancy vs those who have never had kids. ETC

Women look completely different from each other, both inside and out. We're all like snowflakes.

That's a very textbookish drawing. Like from the 50s!


3 is hilarious. My hoohoo is also not like this. I had my pieces parts removed, cervix included but kept the ovaries and they had to do some "flap" thing for my cervix. WFT??? How tha hell does that work?

I have no idea because I haven't looked. It's like the TV, as long as it works you don't really need to know how.

Big Dot

(Tami, yes, a man drew that, but I reckon he only had a couple of inches to, er, play with, so a stumpy little vagina like that made him feel better.)

Big Dot

(Which, I now realise, is probably exactly what you meant. Ahem.)


3 - Now I have images of Barbie pleasuring herself with a pencil eraser.
Tami - It's 18 now? I thought the upper limit was 12!
.75 - Well, I've seen the China Vagina hanging in my bathroom. And I've seen the tampon box diagrams. I admit this could be drawn to scale if the model never had children or never used a tampon or was shook really really hard up and down as a fetus.
Surprising Woman - a flap! Like a purse flap? Now I'm picturing that tail part you tie down when you stuff a turkey.
Big Dot - It never hurts to support another commenter.


As someone who has had enough medical problems with my lady parts to have had to read all kinds of exciting and detailed literature on the subject, that is one tiny vagyny. As in not normal. As in would not be able to fulfill at least one of the lady parts' purposes. It is a lonely set of reproductive organs. On the upside, the most important part is still accessible, so if Ken ever gets his act together, or, better yet, if Malibu Stacy is available, Barbie can still have a grand time.


Lila - Okay, you drink tea, have a chronic medical condition, and your lady parts are fragile - are we twins?

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