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July 19, 2009



OH good! You tested them! They work well! :)

Big Dot

Well duh - that happens every time I have mine sharpened. On the other hand, I was trying to cut a leathery lemon with a blunt knife yesterday and it slipped and mangled not only my finger but also the nail, which will take AGES to grow out.

But I do feel your pain.


Oh dear.
I have a permanent scar on my thumb from a cutco incident. A pumpking carving cutco incident, resulting in 7 stitches. And my husband just sliced his finger quite nicely after ours were sharpened. He took the knife away from me and completed the task so I wouldn't cut myself...hahahaha!
I still love those damn knives, though.


Not pumpking, PUMPKIN. It wasn't royal, just a regular old squash...(someday I'll learn to proofread my posts.)


Pumpking is my favorite typo.


Pumpking sounds like some kind of male enhancement tool.


.75 - All I did was look at the knife sideways and it cut me.
Big Dot - I still have a knife injury from the big ice storm a few years ago. Left quite a scar. Damn bagels.
Kristie - Why? I never do. Until the next day.
Becs - Better even than booty-pooping.
Zayrina - Hah. That would make him this:


Yeah, it's a little like an unhealthy, abusive relationship. I love them because they work so nicely when they're not slicing our digits to shreds...and the whole "send us your dull knives and we'll fix those puppies right up!" guarantee. Last time they sent us a bunch of BRAND NEW KNIVES!! to replace the abused ones we sent them. FOR FREE! What I really love, though, is the cutco ice cream scoop. I have had many an ice cream scoop in my life, and this one is the one I CANNOT live without.


Kristie - You are one of those high-falutin' folks who take the ice cream out of the container vefore you eat it, then.

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