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July 30, 2009


Big Dot

But! His first sight of you was FROM BEHIND and that encouraged him to make contact!! I've recently received a CD of photos from a trip I was on. Many of them feature my rear view and, I tell you, I have rarely been so disappointed and dismayed in all my life.

So maybe your face didn't make the grade, but clearly you have the butt of a 23 year-old.

Or he was a drunken pervert, of course.


OH...I remember THAT guy. I was like...who the hell just joined our group? Ellen made a friend aready!


Getting picked up from the back? That is teh awesome. Srsly.


Don't forget that it was your mother who told me to look that direction, and to go for it.


I just checked SiteMeter, and I got almost a dozen visits direct from this post. Unfortunately, anyone who visited is unlikely to figure out the reference from anything I've written recently. For those who need illumination, I am 64, and have been dating a man 15.5 years younger for the past two years. And the Queen Mother was right. It's fun, except for the long-distance part. Frustrating sometimes, but fun. I recommend it highly.


Big Dot - No, my rear has always been bad- but then again, my huge thighs used to be my worst feature and now so much fat is on my hips they look well-proporitoned.
.75 - And I would have thought that too, except new friends don't play the name-guessing game.
Surprising Woman - He might have been so near my rear that he couldn't see anything else to judge its relative size.
~~Silk - My mom, the Cougar-Maker!

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