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July 06, 2009



My favorite line from Burn After Reading would have to be Brad Pitt to John Malcovich: "You think it's a Schwinn." That has become short hand around here for "you have no idea what you're talking about." :)

Big Dot

Dear, dear, dear, Queen, whatever are you thinking? The funeral and the burial are not in this case the same thing at all; then there's the memorial concert, and the will (that could become another Jarndyce and Jarndyce all by itself) and then Neverland, and spirited opposition from Gary, Indiana; plus fuss in London over the O2 stadium's suddenly empty calendar... This is a show that will run and run.

You're just going to have to suck it up.


Tonya - That makes me giggle imagining it.
Big Dot - I'm so sick of him. I wish he was dead. Oh, wait.


Big Dot - Just when I despair that literacy is lost around the world, you pop up with Jarndyce. Happy sigh.

Queen - I'm not so sure the Generalissimo hasn't been dead for some time now.


I thought Burn After Reading was incredibly stupid. But I am interested in Mrs Pettigrew.


Becs - God tweeted today that He was hoping it was all a publicity stunt and that MJ would spring out of the coffin and do the Thriller dance.
.75 - I've been watching Tipping the Velvet and thinking of you.

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