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July 16, 2009


Vince Gotera

QM, Dearie—

Shouldn't this have its own category, "In Which We Mock our Crocs"?

You never know, there could be a turnaround and Crocs could rebound. In any case, be sure to save some Crocs still in their original boxes to sell on eBay for a fortune two decades from now.

Oh, I do love the line "Jocks grok Crocs" (though you're giving away your age).

Hope you're well. —VG


Vince -
I would not balk
at e-Bay Crocs.
And about my age I do not squwak.
Thanks for your thoughts!
All's well, sans crotch.


They were destined to fail:

1. They never wear out. Customers buy them once and never need to replace them.

2. Based on experience with my nephew, they make feet smell like funk. Funky funk. Funk so bad that every stinky thing my family encounters is measured against the smell of his Croc-enveloped feet.

3. They're ugly.

Big Dot

And then there are all the people who would never, in a million years, buy them. Because they're ugly. And the brown ones are ugliest of all.


Friend #1

AHAHA!! I do knock the croc! Very funny.


Buy 'em while you can... http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/07/15/AR2009071503672.html


Caroline - Then you are a freak, because Crocs were made to control foot odor. Croslite, the polymer they are made from was invented to control athlete foot odor.
Big Dot - Yes, I know, but they are comfy. I mean, I really can stand for eight hours at a concert. At a concert no one is looking at your shoes. I buy ugly yet comfortable bras and panties too.
1 - Croc-knocker
3 - I cannot believe you passed up a chance to rhyme "Crocs" and "plotz." And, well, Mr Crocs disagrees:


You are indeed The Queen. I have no rhyming abilities, much less the ability to do so many so well.

Much less on a weekend.

Great job, I too will miss them. I have three pair, I may need to stock up.

I am suspecting that Caroline's nephew bought generic Croc's, which are Croc's... not.


SurprisingWoman may have a point. I wasn't going any closer than necessary to inspect.

BTW, he's 2. The good news is he'll outgrow them soon.


My two year old grandson has some of the sweatiest stinky feet I have ever known.

Must be something about the age...


Surprising Woman / Caroline - I say they are knock-off crocs.

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