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July 16, 2009


Big Dot

Who needs social activity when it's summer and sitting on the porch (with Aunt Flo is necessary) is enough on its own? And you have things to look forward to - just the Coldplay cellphone [Mexican] wave alone should be enough. Even if it won't be a first.


We better have a wild time at Coldplay then! Oh wait, you're going with me. n/m

I'll probably see if any other folks want to go at the last minute and that should help liven things up.

Mrs. Hall

Croc habit?

I am dissapointed as well.

you're better than that.

really, if you strive to only read big smarty pants authors don't choose footwear for YOKELS!!!

ok, must back away now, easy now, eeeassssyyy

ok phew!

that was close, almost had a swear!


Are you going to Vegas with Gary or on a girls' trip?

Say hi to Catherine the Red for me. It's probably been a year.


Big Dot - They'd better not make it seem all spontaneous.
.75 - Gary said he might want to go, but I dont know. He can get antsy.
Mrs. Hall - 'Twas that type of talk that killed the Crocs.
Caroline - I'm going to try to convince Gary that he could fly back in 4 hours if there was a disaster, and it would be on a weekend.


Whatever Gary wants to do. Let me know if you want to meet for dinner beforehand too. We can even go to IceKitchen! hehe

Friend #1

Hi back Caroline. It has been at least that long...GNO @ Libby's I think.

Queen...had a great time! You don't need to get a social life to impress me. I've known for too many years for that. I like you just the way you are.

Your readers should know that the Sangria @ the IceKitchen was weak. Tasty, but weak. I think they left out the alchohol. However, all the food was fab!

Shall we try the new tea place next? I'd like too.


.75 - I am always up for icekitchen. I want to try Mosiac downtown before the Guster / KevinG concert, that's supposed to be fusion tapas too.
1 - tea still sounds good to me.

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