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July 31, 2009


Big Dot

"Giant cliches" is being kind. And you didn't mention the 3 endings. And chilly Nicole not being able to run properly. And how predictable it was - didn't you just know that the friendly cowboy was going to be a goner in the stampede?

But the scenery was fabulous, didn't you think? (Though better on the big screen.) That sun's not just bright, it's bloody hot, too - when I was there last year, it was over 42 C - that's 108 F.

Oh, and the Aboriginal thing, it only applies to them. (They're not bothered about white people's souls.) It's nice to see some sensitivity there, for once. They were quite busy with their spears in the early days before they got totally trodden underfoot. Not convinced they did quite that much standing on one leg, though.


Cliches, smiches. I loved that movie. I didn't care that it had three different endings, either, because what it had was HUGH JACKMAN. REALLY BIG HUGH JACKMAN. I saw him at the stage door of "The Boy From Oz" and although he's six feet tall, he was slender and willowy and ethereally beautiful (and he spoke Japanese to all the Japanese faithful gathered at the stage door). How he got so HUGE, I don't know. But I like it.


Have you seen the movie Krippendorf's Tribe?


Big Dot - 3 endings? I know that Gary put on his shoes to return it when he heard the kid singing "Under the Rainbow" and it was not returned for quite a while after that. Or do you mean how test audiences didn't want Hugh to die?
Becs - I had to laugh at the first few shots of him in which a perfectly well-lit bar changed so there was only a racoon mask of light across his eyes.
Caroline - yes! Except that didn't have the Marcos family running things.

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