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July 09, 2009



Sting said once that a bass player should have thick fingers. "Plumber's fingers." And. . . oh, I forget what else. I was too busy thinking about Sting's fingers.

Big Dot

The head of that guitar looks as though its having TWO giant frets.

Big Dot



Becs - I try to use two fingers to emulate a plumber now.
Big Dot - I never realized it has a facial expression. Now it just looks alarmed all the time now.

Big Dot

Yeah, you'd think a bass guitar would look cooler somehow. Not panicked. That's a piccolo's expression.


Big Dot - It makes him more accesible though

Friend #1

So, a name for your bass guitar is needed? Hmm...something to ponder


Friend 1 - no- he's named after the bass player in That Thing You Do. We just don't know the name because Tom Hanks never named that character. But whatever it is, my bass has the same name.

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