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July 07, 2009



I heard nearly the same story today only substitute an EggMcMuffin and the phrase"I nearly didn't make it."
And no voyeuristic dog.


gaoo - But Egg McMuffins are relatively low in fat. That person needs to work on his or her fat intake. Get the fat tolerance up.


Greasy foods will get ya ever time.


Huh. I never even close the bathroom door, much less lock it. But then again, I rarely eat at McDonald's.


I must latch and lock the door everytime I enter the bathroom, even if only to brush my teefs. Otherwise, two overgrown labs and a puppy with a special talent for being where you need to step next will push me over into the tub. And then jump in on top of me.

Big Dot

That's an impressive bit of aerobatics. I would pay to see that.


.75 - Wine does too.
Magpie - No closing? I don't even talk to anyone when Im in the bathroom even with the door shut.
Shania - And NEVER let them in - MAC whined and howled outside the bathroom door today!
Big Dot - It's like when mothers get sduperhuman strength and lift cars off of babies. Money would not properly motivate me.


wine? I've never had any issues with wine.

Wine and burgers? I definitely would not recommend that.


.75 - Well, no. Unless it's Riverboat Red.

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