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July 27, 2009



Well... at least with the bottom necklace I can virtually guarantee that NO ONE will be looking at your teeth...


I like all of them. The coral one somehow makes me think of Marie Antoinette. In which case, all the peasants will be looking at your neck and not your teeth.

I have moved beyond my small gray teeth, knowing there's nothing I can do about it without spending thousands of dollars. My obsession is covering up my fat elbows, which these days is very, very, very freakin hard to do.


I'm about to get back into the jewelry making business after two years of being a slack-ass. The Husband has promised to take good photos (I can take pictures of jewelry, but they ain't good) and I'm gonna set up an Etsy shop all my very own. I will specialize in Distraction Jewelry -- bright, shiny, and heavy, perfect for keeping people from noticing you are behind it.

I know it works because I wear my own pieces, and you should hear the gasps as people wonder how that beautiful pendant is able to float along by itself.


There are raspberry flavored candies that look just like those things in the bottom necklace. They're kinda icky tho. The candies, not the ... well ... yeah.


I miss Famous Barr. Just yesterday I was at Macy's trying to explain to my 5 year old how much better Famous was.

How about some pictures of you wearing those necklaces? Not all at once, mind you. I'm curious 1) what they match and 2) if they work.

Big Dot

I don't want to play the thirteenth fairy here, but are you quite sure that's an area you want to draw attention to? Has it not already been the subject of some discussion and angst? Does Gary's suggestion perhaps have a subtext?

Have you considered a tiara?


Lepprkan - Gary came home today and said a fashion diva at his work looked at the photo and said the bottom necklace was the height of fashion.
Becs - That's why I love my feet. No flaws on my feet.
Sherri - What a lovely image!
Candy - Yep, that's it. They were nasty.
Caroline - Still working the kinks out. They tend to flip over. Plus, I need a coral shell and turquoise shell. Shell. Listen to me. Only old ladies wear shells, don't they?
Big Dot -
(Wikitranslation for the 'Merkins: "the thirteenth fairy is the wicked fairy" )
And I respond to you thusly:


The third necklace makes me sad. I get all weepy at the thought of people wearing fake money.


Tami - yes. And fake candy AND especially fake eyeballs.

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