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July 23, 2009


Big Dot

Watch your step. If the Queen dies - and I mean the REAL queen - three hundred years of independence is not enough to save you from a charge of treason. To the Tower!


Was the gun thing a joke?


That's quite the long hyperlink.

Erin G.

Wow. This explains the 20 POINT email of "Things to do in St. Louis" that I received at...(now checking the time at top of email)...1:54am?! Good golly, woman. Maybe you should have had some sustenance with that coffee. Mayhaps a piece of blackberry PIE? :)


Big Dot - you suggest there is only obe true Queen? My Dear Margrethe II of Denmark would have some words with you, young lady.
.75 - Yes.
Caroline - I saw it and I was too ginned up to correct it.
Erin G - yes, it was actually your email I was referring to. I couldnt stop myself. I was messed up. MESSED UP!

Erin G.

It's okay! It was charming. I was like "Dayum, Queen loves her city!" and now I have all this information -- thank you!


Erin G - it really is a charming city.


Whywhywhy? Because there's a champagne supernova in the skyyyyy...

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