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July 22, 2009



And this is why I don't cook! I am vindicated. Salad and cut-up fruit, and a roasted chicken from the corner deli. Anything else is frustration incarnate.


Hopefully tomorrow night you are making reservations for dinner.


Potatoes, proscuitto, cashews, and chicken have to combine in some good way. How willing are you to discover it?


Why did you toss half the potatoes? I would have added more potatoes to soak up the oil.


Or maybe rinse the potato mixture in hot water, then saute dry.

Big Dot

Yes, I too am intrigued by the Toss Half approach. If it's gross enough to toss, toss it all. If it can be rescued, rescue it all. It's an odd situation to cover your bets in.

And such a waste of time and ingredients! Grieving.


Note to food bloggers: it is more appetizing if you leave out how you puked up what you made in the previous entry. Just sayin'.


~Silk - All hobbies are frustration.
Candy - Nope, I took a frozen "Steamer" bag of brown rice out of the freezer, nuked it, and added butter. Simple!
Caroline - I thought it would, but potatoes and cashews do not "match" as they say on Iron Chef.
Tami - Since I wanted to make hash browns, I had to load up only the bottom of the skillet.
~~Silk - Oh ... ugh. No. The oil was saturating the potatoes anyway.
Big Dot - Well, I confess I did consider the cost, and it was mainly potatoes, and they were cheap. I think they were, anyway. And the time was not really wasted, since a) it was spent in the vicinity of Gary and b) I learned something.
gaoo - This is Not a Happy Food Blog. This is the darker more sarcastic food blog. Actually, it isnt a food blog, I just have a bored tongue.

Hot Mom

Ellen, that looks like puke minus pea soup. You ate that?


Hot Mom - only a bite or two to convince meyself it was no better than before.


Yeah, okay. Call for take out pizza.


Magpie - yeah, especially since tonight's scallops and sea bass. Not good.

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