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July 26, 2009


Big Dot

I would say that he missed off the last word when he said that to us - except I'm not that rude.

Yeah, we had the butterflies and yellow balloons too. Did you have the cellphone wave?

When he ran past us to play from the back of the stadium, I automatically stuck out my hand and got a fingerful of sweat (off his TSHIRT) and then didn't know what to do with it, so I wiped it on my daughter's face. Is that gross?

You're tall? You don't read like you're tall.

PS I have a blog now too. Nobody's visited yet...

Big Dot

Queen! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading it all - you're a star!

You're in Wisconsin???


Well, compared to me, she is tall. :)


OH...btw...yes, we have the same legs but hers are way more tan which I am MOST jealous of.

And I would have let you touch mine for a $1. I would have flexed a calf for you too.


Big Dot - I am 5' 7", and from Saint Louis. You have had 31 hits on your profile. I twittered you, did anyone come in from twitter? OH and your blog is so well-written, of course.
.75 - A dollar? Giving it away!


You're too kind. :)


If 5'7 is tall, then I'm not NEARLY as short as I thought I was. AM I short? Now I'm having an existential crisis. Because of Coldplay? I need to chill and let the pain killers take over...


When my sister's in St. Louis, she's Jewish, as she was brought up. When she's in southern Missouri, she's Christian.

When in Rome...


.75 - It's to make up for all the short remarks
Christy - I'm tall next to .75, who is like 5 foot 2. If that.
3 - Maybe she's just Jewish for the food?


Queen - AWWWWWWWWWW!!! Now if you could just fix everyone else, that'd be great!

3 - I know *I* am Jewish for the food! :) But I'm all about food all the time!

Christy - I would kill to be 5'7! Ooooh how I long to be normal!


0.75 -- I'm as short as you, but I don't think of 5.7 as tall. Maybe because I work with Amazonian women.

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