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July 29, 2009


Big Dot

He has, ahem, already been here. I would feel smug, except that they come here first to iron out all the wrinkles in their acts before they get to the audiences that count. Hmph.

Seriously, you've picked the Queen (THE Queen - have you seen that rabble in Denmark? Call that royal?) to die this year? [Sharp intake of breath.]


Why no purchase until aug 3rd? Is that when tix go on sale?


I just checked. No SLC in the tour. The closest is Vegas but it's during the school year. Dammit.



But I see he is snubbing Detroit... hmmph...


Big Dot - Hey. They do it up Shabby Regal in Denmark.
.75 - yep. Is it better to hit ticketmaster or line up at the Fox?
Surprising Woman - I will think of you.
Kristie - well, that's almost Canada. He must be playing Windsor sometime.


Line up at Fox...you may have fewer service fees. But then you won't be first to access tickets. So it's up to you...better seats or slightly cheaper tix.


You don't know what happened next? You cried out "OH!" The iPhone came flying out of your purse. You cried "OH!" several more times. When I sat next to you, you were frantically typing search criteria, saying loudly, "Guess who's coming to St. Louis! Cohen! Leonard Cohen is coming to St. Louis! Oh my God!" Then you began burbling incoherently in loud, breathy tones.

It was disturbing.


.75 - Even better - Carter gave me a code I can use to sign up for tickets early.
3 - You sat next to me?


I rest my case.

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